List of Novel Translation

List of Novel Translation

Last Update : 30-Nov-2016

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Another name : From Common Job Class to the Strongest in the World (1-93) (94-96, 99-128) (97 – 98, 129++)

Ark (Complete) (Complete ToC)

Ark the Legend

Coiling Dragon

Dawn Traveler

Desolate Era

Konjiki no Wordmaster (1-18)

Stellar Transformations (Complete ToC)

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (v1-v20)

The New Gate

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Xian Ni (Complete ToC)

Zhan Long

29 thoughts on “List of Novel Translation

    1. If you dig around you can find site that host link to download pdf files for the series up to ch 150 i just started that series so iono (dl 1-50 only so far)

  1. They are still translating lenendary moonlight sculptor at jawstranslation so far only 1 whole volume +half and out try to find more translators to translate the series for faster update.

    1. emm i know about jawztranslation did some translation on LMS… they are also the one that hosting an original work (ZECTAS). it is because of the original LMS author only give permission up to volume 20 for translation, so i not really want to promote something against original author… T_T

      1. well theres actually another site doing the translation its up to vol 23 ch 7 now waiting for ch 8 XP they’re doing good work quick release about 1 every 2-3 days (weekday) and 1-2 ch on weekend soo good :)))) so happy so hyped about it too.

      2. since i can’t edit my comment i forgot to add, they plan on continuing the work and jaws plan is to pick it up again at volume 30 they are starting the translation at vol 30 now

    1. Excuse me. The web shown that it was deleted by the author. would you please repost it? Thank you very much.

      p.s. chapter 97-99 are so hard to find. there are only the summary. i’m dying to read the full detail. >.<

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